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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Falsity of The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Has a Major Nagative Impact on Human Life

The origin of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ comes from The Nicene Creed.  This creed began to develop by Christianity in 325 A.D. and became final in 381 A.D. (click)  Twelve articles were included in the Nicene Creed.(See articles)  Article 12 is The Second Coming, or Judgment Day. 

As I said yesterday, The Second Coming or Judgment Day' is false. This falsity has a major negative impact on societies and nations.  It causes the children, parents, and governmental leaders of many nations to be ill-advised about God, the universe, development of life, education, work, death, and rebirth.  Instead of receiving correct advice about the true life of humans, many people throughout the world are merely getting by, getting rich, selling bodiesliving on drugspulling death plugs, etc.

All religions are producing falsities.  In the USA, it is time for 'the people' to force Congress to separate the field of theology from the field of religion so that the people of the USA and the U.S. government will have a real active God.


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