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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Purpose of Public Schools

Yesterday, I mentioned the concepts 'Sons of God' and 'Sons of man.'  To me, these two concepts identify the effort of God, who produce indivisibles, and the effort of two godly humans, a human male and a human female.  These two humans produce a body for the indivisible person that God has made by bringing together a sperm of the male and the womb of the female.  This effort of the male and female is a godly effort that produces no bloodlines and no evaluttionary action.

In families, only two parents are needed to produce life for an indivisible person. The parents exist for the purpose of loving and building indivisible children. who were made by God  Thus, all people in the world begin as indivisibles.  Then, they become embodied, receive parents, grow, learn, work, die, receive a new body at a new place, and develop a life there.  As this process continues, the new place becomes greater and greater, as Jesus says at  Matt. 5:19..

Since all parents have become specialized as they have aged, parents are not able to build children properly. Thus, the parents of children are only able to love their children.  Accordingly, building and loving children must be distinguished so that every child is loved properly and built properly. Since parents cannot build their children properly  'public schools' are necessary so all children can develop a great life with other children.  On the other hand, parents are necessary so that all children can be loves and love others.

Public schooling and parenting must change. And private schools must be eliminated.


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