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Saturday, May 07, 2011

The U.S. Governmnet Must Rise Above Science

When Nicholas of Cusa discovered the indivisibles, as a Cardinal of the Roman Church, he was imprisoned. Others were burned at the stake. So Cusa's indivisibles were hidden from the people. Then, when Galileo discovered Cusa's indivisibles, he used them to develop new truths about God-made wholes. These wholes were also hidden from the people by the imprisonment of Galileo.

Then, in the late 1600s, Gottfried Leibniz found the indivisibles of Cusa and Galileo.  He called them 'true atoms' and 'monads.' With the indivisibles, Leibniz rejected Newton's billiard-ball universe immediately. Leibniz also developed the infinitesimal calculus and developed an important paper on monads.  Unfortunately, only Leibniz's infinitesimal calculus was accepted by our high schools, colleges, and universities. Newton's Universe was thus widely accepted until Albert Einstein rejected Newton's Universe in 1905. So, the universe of Leibniz was never considered. 

Over one hundred years have now passed since Einstein rejected Newton's Universe. We are now in the year 2011 and the U.S. scientists have still not found the truths about universe. But I say that the universe cannot be fully known by man. Thus, scientists must always open their minds to new truths such as Galileo's indivisibles and the monadology of Leibniz. U.S. scientists do not consider these new truths because they say that God does not exist.

However, science is unable to prove that God does not exist. Science cannot make this proof because 'non-existents' cannot be proven by the 'scientific method of proof.'  Since the scientific method of proof is unable to prove non-existences, the U.S. government must rise above science so that new truthss, such as the indivisibles, can be valued.

Accordingly, the U.S.  government must overcome the power of atheism and materialism in the USA. Other nations should consider the same action.


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