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Friday, May 06, 2011

We Must Learn the Things That God Makes

In yesterday's blog, I distinguish man's knowledge from God's wisdom. In this blog, I prove scientifically that God's wisdom is very different than the knowledge that man develops now.

Both God and man are able to make things.  The things that God and man make are scientific and are known as wholes, which are made with parts. But God and man make different wholes. For example, man makes automobiles. The parts of an automobile can be counted because an automobile is equal to the sum of its parts. However, the wholes made by God are very complex because all of God's wholes have an infinite number of parts. Thus, the parts that God uses to make wholes are not countable.

In his 'Dialogue Concerning Two New Sciences,' Galileo deals with the wholes that God makes.  On page 120 of my book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' Galileo says that the concepts equal, greater, and less are applicable only to finite quantities.

Galileo concludes that God's wholes are very different than man's wholes.  He says that God's wholes involve a  continuous build up of an unlimitedly infinite number of indivisibles. Thus, when God makes divisible things for the universe, God uses the indivisibles that He has made.  Since all divisible things that God make are images of Him, rather then being related lawfully to Him scientifically, we must first learn the indivisibles that God have made. I have found some of them already.

Unfortunately, atheists, materialists, and many medical doctors do not believe in God.  Thus, they are unable to increase man's knowledge of the divisible things that God has made. I believe that human health problems will continue to increase as long as God is being rejected. I do not believe that the cause of major health care problems such as cancer will be found until all sciences and doctors accept God.


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