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Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Absolute Knowledge of God and the Relative Knowledge of Man

Atheists and materialists believe that human knowledge can increase and become maximum. I reject this belief and explain my rejection  below.

In the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa expanded Anselm's work on the 'greatest' thing. I conclude that Anselm's work expanded the thoughts of Jesus Christ on the concepts of 'least' and 'great' in Matt. 5:19.  To add to the thoughts of Jesus Christ and Anselm, Cusa found that the maximum of a greatest thing does not change (in not a variable). Things in our world can thus be absolute (is permanent) or relative (changes). Cusa also found that the greatest thing is absolutely maximum and absolutely minimum.  So,the universe exists in between the absolute maximum and absolute minimum of the greatest thing, which I call God.

A greatest thing that creates has knowledge. The knowledge of the greatest thing is higher than the knowledge that can be developed by humans. Since the maximum knowledge of a greatest thing cannot be compared with the relative knowledge of man, the maximum knowledge of the greatest thing has been called 'wisdom'  by most people

The atheists and materialists only understand the relative knowledge of man.  The wisdom of God will not be found in their minds.


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