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Monday, April 25, 2011

If the Active God Created Different Nations, All Wars Would Be Star Wars.

An active God creates suns, planets and many other kinds of bodies. But this God does not create nations. Some of these created bodies are active Spirits. But God does create land.  Since these Spirits are active, they make nations and become landowners by creating wars among Spirits.  With land, Spirits build nations and make many life support systems.  God also creates underground substances such as water, oil, copper, silver, gold, etc. These substances are owned by nations.

Eventually, planet earth will die when it becomes fuel for the sun. Thus, at some time in the future, Spirits on planet earth must be moved to a new evening sky (heaven) and new earth. When they get there, the Spirits will make only one nation on the new planet.  They will make this single nation because these Spirits learned how to live together and how to prevent all wars.

So, we must now learn how to live together and prevent all Star Wars  Then we must learn how to find new planets that will support all Spirits forever.


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