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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Improving the Democracy of the USA

The U.S. democracy began in 1776.  Since 1776 this democracy has been preserved through many wars and has been improved continually. However, improvements in our democracy are becoming harder to achieve because the major political parties, the Democrats and Republicans, are now opposed and cannot be expected to change this opposition. Thus, youy vote is now very important.

To destroy this political opposition and produce new co-operations between the Democrats an Republicans, I suggest that the voters (1) weaken those Democrats, who are too soft on God, abortion, gay rights, and crime and (2) weaken those Republicans (and tea party persons), who have become negative economic and social forces that impede the self-development of the human Spirits who God created.

Thus, the Democrats must accept new ideas that change the high schools, colleges, and universities so that an active God and God's Intelligent Design be taught, sex does not occur before marriage, abortion and gay rights are rejected, and crime is rejected and prevented.

The Republicans and tea parties must accept new ideas that change the economic ans social relations so that full employment and national spiritual goals of every Spirit be achieved.  A new money system, which cannot develop any debt, must function in the new progressive economy for the USA.



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