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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More on the Cosmology of Jesus Christ

The discussion of my blog yesterday on Matt. 5:19 is continued in the Gospel According to Saint Matthew and ends in Chapter 24, before Jesus says that he expects to be crucified. The teachings of Jesus are great.  In the 24th chapter, the teaching of Jesus is unbelievable because modern science could not teach, what Jesus taught, until the 15th century work of Nicholas of Cusa was published.

To summarize the teaching of Jesus, I say that Jesus tells us in the 24th chapter what will happen to those people who never become righteous.  In verse 2, Jesus tells us that all buildings will come down.  The first buildings that will come down are those that cannot stand during earthquakes, unusual weather, tsunami, etc. However, all buildings will come down when our days and seasons become shorter and shorter and when new signs appear among the stars in the evening sky. When these events occur, planet earth and all other planets will fall slowly into the sun and become the fuel used by our darkening sun. Any person who still lives on this planet will suffer greatly.

At verse 35, Jesus tells us that our planet (heaven and earth) shall pass away. Here, the word heaven means the signs in the evening sky and the word earth means the planet on which we live. In this verse, Jesus also says, 'my words shall not pass away.' This means that his teachings will continue on other planets by other people who teach new truths, just like Jesus taught new truths.

It is time for all nations to meet and make international changes that are compatible with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the new teachings of other people such as me. I also suggest that space research be funded by all nations so that all people can be moved from a dying heaven and earth to a newly born heaven and earth. Obviously, righteousness must become the continuous program in every nation.


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