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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Cosmology of Jesus Christ

Chapter 24 is a very important message from Saint Matthew because this chapter describes the cosmology of Jesus Christ. The New Testament tells us that Jesus learned from the priests at the synagogue until age twelve. However, the New Testament tells me that many Greek thoughts were mixed into the Jewish thoughts of Jesus by age thirty.  By age thirty, I conclude that Jesus became a follower of Plato's geometry and rejected the logic of Aristotle.  So the Greek thoughts of Paul and John in the New Testament would be important to us.

In Matt. 5:19, Jesus wants to use the words 'least' and 'great'  to describe the 'kingdom of heaven.'  (This means that Jesus will not use the words 'heaven or hell' to describe the kingdom of heaven.) But Jesus will not use the words least and great to construct the kingdom of heaven with Aristotle's logical thinking.  Instead, Jesus will use the words least and great to construct the kingdom of heaven with Plato's geometry.

So, Jesus constructs the kingdom of heaven by including God to the words 'least' and 'great.' To include God, a third word must be included with the first two words. Thus, to add God, the kingdom of heaven is given three words, least-great-greatest. This Platonic geometry has a middle (great) and two extremes (least and greatest). This geometry destroys the ancient logic of Heaven and Hell. This geometry also shows that our cosmological world cannot become a greatest heaven. Only God can exist in the greatest heaven.

Thus, we never die.  At death, a person begins a new life either in a 'least heaven' again or will begin a new life in a 'greater heaven.' As seen, our planet earth is a least heaven because its people are not developing righteousness. Thus, all of us must ask ourselves the questions,  'Do I live again on planet earth?' 'On do I live again on a greater planet?' Since all nations are man-made, a return to planet earth would place that person in any nation.


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