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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Two Different Gods: Active and Inactive

All people in the world can be classified as (1) believers in an active God; (2) believers in an inactive God; and (3) non-believers or atheists.  In the Western world, Christians are the only believers of an active God.  And, in the Western world, the Jews and Muslims are the believers of an inactive God.

However, these differences lead to other strange facts.  Foe instance,  many Westerners do not realize that Intelligent Design of an active God frees the souls so their the behaviors of the soul are unpredictable and will exist eternally.  On the other hand, the Intelligent Design of an inactive God does not free the soul because the soul must be predictable so the end of the universe will actually occur. The Intelligent Design of an active God has no end.

While Christians works night and day to defend the false belief that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God, they are foolish to not teach the strongest Intelligent Design in the world.


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