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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Why Identical Things Cannot Be Found

When a person says that a criminal should be put into jail and have the keys thrown away, this person is saying that criminals are born, that evolution exist, that  genes exist, that bloodlines exist, that  replication can produce twins, and that inheritance of money is lawful among families.  (click); (click)  Such a  person is usually a materialist, naturalist, atheist, Jew, or republican. However, these persons can make such sayings only if God does not exist because, if God exists, all such sayings must be rejected because God is  'Equality' and thus creates only different things.

At first, Christians viewed God as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. At 325 AD, the Nicene Creed presented God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Then, in the 15th century, Bishop Nicholas of Cusa viewed God scientifically as One, Equality, and Union.

In 2006, in my book 'The First Scientific Proof of God,'  I viewed God as a real Infinite and connected God to His creation logically, with all of the past Christian views of God. So I connected God;s One with the logic of many: God's Equality with the logic of difference; God's Union with the logic of relation; and God's Infinity with the logic of finite. Other connections between God and the universe have been found.

With my ative God, evolution, genes, bloodlines, and twins would be bere false and inheritances would not be allowed. Further, while the republicans want to limit the U.S. government and its progress, I conclude that they should eliminate their above programs of wastefulness.


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