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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Get Rid of Debts in Free Nations With Progress

National debts will be found in all free nations.  Debts exist in free nations because money is not managed well by people and their government. Money has always been an uncertain substance. The ancient dictators solved their money problems by mixing cheap metal with expensive metal such as gold. Today, the value of money varies with the supply of gold and the size of populations.

Eventually, mathematicians found that numbers are certain. For example,  3+ 2 = 5 is a certain truth. With numbers, technologies also became certain. For example, 12 volt batteries are abundant in automobiles today.   In the 15th century, Bishop of Nicholas of Cusa found certain truths about the equality of God.  He found that the maximum of an infinite line is also a maximum triangle.(See Bk. I,  On Learned Ignorance)

If the amount of money and people in the USA are certain, the Republicans are happy. Republicans are called conservatives because they stabilize the amount and flow of money with a mathematical box of certainty. Today, this box of certainty is controlled mostly by the banks of the Big Families, the rich class, and the industrialists.  The problem with conservatism is that the believers in God cannot improve their progress, minds, and lives.

If the box of certainty is opened, the box of certainty can transform money from an 'end' to a 'means.'  With this new means, progress becomes certain and people will improve their minds and lives.

Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Nixon, and Obama sought progress


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