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Monday, April 11, 2011

Why People and Nations Must Become Equal

If a person believes that God created all things out of nothing, that person holds a belief in panenthism and an active God. This God created that person and will give that person an eternal life.  But this life does not exist for humans in Heaven or Hell, as most religions teach. Since an active God is infinite, our finiteness we not allow us to ever see or know God. This is why faith in God is important to all believer.

Since we cannot live with God in His higher world, God gave us the best lower world in which to live. Jesus Christ describes this lower world in the New Testament.  Jesus identified this lower world as the 'kingdom of heaven.'  At Ch 24 of Matthew, Jesus tells us that heaven and earth pass away.  This occurs because the suns (of heavens and earths) darken, So, human life must move from planet to planet. If life in not continued with space travel to other planets, life on planet earth will become awful.

Alll governments and politicians in the nations on planet earth are not intelligent at all.  At this time, these governments and politicians should know that all people on planet earth must be equal under God.  Operating nations with money and crime are the most ungodly human living that I have ever seen. The forthcoming discussions between the Democrats and Republicns to lower government budgets will be silly. We must reform governmental goals, not reduce them. It is clear that the Democrats and Republicans do not know anything about God or panenthism,


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