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Friday, April 08, 2011

Why Did the USA Build a Melting Pot?

Instead of seeking new truths through science, today's Christian leaders have beeome interested only in selling a scripture because all of the great theologians have passed on.  For instance, in the catholic church, the current pope continues to sell the Bible with 'big ideas' such as evolutionary theory, Jesus as the only Son of God, and a trinitarian God.  The purpose of these sales are power. land, and money.  But  these purposes were never of interest to Jesus Christ and the other great theologians.

Today, only atheism, deism,, and panentheism can be of interest to a good theologian.  All people in the world can thus be told that they fit only one of these three systems of thought.  Thus, atheism fits all people who do not believe in God. Accordingly, deism fits all people who believe in an inactive God and panentheism fits all people who believe in an active God.  Establishing a life is thus a simple decision for every person and leader in the world.

Establishing a life in the USA could be a simple decision because the founding documents establish the active God. The active God was identified in the Declaration of Independence with the words 'Laws of Nature and Nature's God'  and in the Constitution with the words 'in Order to form a more perfect Union.'  So, why has the U.S. Supreme Court authorizing the 'Melting Pot' (click) of atheism and deism in the USA?


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