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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Old Human Lives Can Produce New Human Lives

Just as new wine can come from an old ways wine is made, new lives can also come from old ways of living.  New ways of living have come from the old theories about God.  So, old theories about God and God's Intelligent Design can produce new ways of living  So, human life will depend on the way we develop our minds.

Our religions have been telling us that we have only one life.  But Christianity says that we can be saved by Jesus Christ, who can give us a new life in Heaven with God. Our sciences, colleges, universities, medical doctors, and atheists are also telling us that we have only one life. However, they do not believe that we can be saved or receive a new life. Interestingly, the U.S. government and moneychangers are not saying anything about our lives.  I say that  these institutions are old and will eventually pass on.  I say this because we live in a heaven and earth now and will live forever in other heavens and earths. God gave us this dynamic form of life.

In order to develop new and better ways of living, the people must force the above institutions to pass on.  These institutions are static.  The static box that holds these fading institutions must be opened so that dynamics can be added to them.  But we must throw the moneychangers away immediately because 'debt' is a limiting process that enslaves man.   


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