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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Human Life in a Democracy

The sales of democracies in the Middle East are hiding laws that will appear only after the new democracy is being installed. For example, the buyer of any democracy will not know that human freedom will be be limited by laws. Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled wrongly that human speech is unlimited. Apparently, this Court did not know that speech is limited in a democracy. Many economists also do not understand a democracy. For instance, they speak of a free market economy even though a free market economy is limited in many ways.

Today. the life of humans in a democracy is a rather vague subject.  But in 2006, after I found that God exists and that humans exist after death, the life of humans in a democracy became very clear to me. For instance, full employment of every human is now natural. (Natural things are parts of God's Intelligent Design.) Thus, it is now unnatural for humans to be unemployed so that low cost labor can be found by company owners.

With the realities of 'God and 'life after death,'  human life will change all nations drastically.  Land ownership, inheritance, and inequalities are just a few more examples of other unnatural concepts in a  of democracy.


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