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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Democracy of the USA Could Be Lost

From God's own attributes, an active God can create an infinite number of perceiving and non-perceiving Spirits. (The perceiving Spirits are living things whereas the non-perceiving Spirits are nonliving things.)  When the Spirits are created, they become related to each other and forms one world.  This creation is instant. Since this single world has an infinite God, God and the Spirits are eternal. The Spirits are eternal because God incarnates and reincarnates them continuously.

As the life of living Spirits developed, they had to learn to live together so that life becomes secure. To live together, these Spirits had to develop small democracies. These small democracies were called social units by historians.  The first large democracy under God was developed in 1776 by the founders of the USA. The founders included the social contract theory of John Locke to this large democracy. Today, other large democracies have developed in Europe and are being developed in the Middle East.

However, the democracy of the USA is problematic. This problem came when God was viewed by many people as a subject in the field of religion. This view is false because God is the subject in the field of theology.  Since God cannot be known, theology and religion were given different meanings.  The field of theology seeks all existent theories of God.  And religions practice a specific existent theory of God.

When I distinguish theology and religion, I prove that God exists and that God will guide us into the most complex democracy. Unless the U.S. Supreme Court corrects this political problem, the democracy of the USA will continue to degenerate into slavery.


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