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Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Active God and Yesterday's Alabama Tornado

Many people died in the Alabama tornado yesterday.  But I believe that an active God accounts for such deaths and the freedom they had received from God.  Thus, in the accounts of God's Intelligent Design, I conclude that God made the best world for us because he did not want to make a perfect world.  God decided not to create a perfect world because our freedom would be lost.

Thus, in the best world, we will receive freedom.  However, our freedom has negatives, such as the deaths in the Alabama tornado. To overcome thees negatives, God gives us a new life after any death.  But when we receive this gift of a new life from God, we must thank him by producing the best world that God wants. This best world is our world and must be built by us by improving human life, such as making better homes that fight against the power of tornadoes. To accept the new life from God, we must thus make better lives for all citizens.


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