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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Growth of Racism in the USA

In the USA, racism is rising again and reminds me of McCarthyism years ago. (click)  This time, racism appeared when President Obama told people that he was born in the USA and republicans said that they did not believe him, even though the President displayed the normal birth document to the public over two years ago.

Yesterday, President Obama sent and received a copy of his fundamental birth document. After this fundamental document was displayed on TV, a new question appeared in my mind.  Now, I do not understand why Congress did not answer the republican question about the White House birth problem long ago?  This lack of action in Congress tells me that Congress has developed 'a Congress that will never work.'  This means that 'the People' must recognize this problem and act.

I have recognized the U.S. Congressional problem years ago. With the recent appearance of President Obama, Congress has developed two very different organizations.  These organizations are opposing forces, which are like the day and night and cannot agree or compromise on any ideas.  Congress is thus 'stuck in the mud' because many congressional minds will not rise upwardly toward God

The Obama Democrats are ready to rise upwardly toward God with progressive godly ideas.  However, the Republicans cannot move upwardly because their ideas are racist and are neither progressive nor godly.  I am afraid that many U.S. republicans do not understand God at all.


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