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Friday, April 29, 2011

Cremation and Interment

A history of cremation and interment was presented by The New York Times in 1876.(click) As seen in this history, Christianity became the first religion to bury, ratherr than burn, all members.  Christians are buried so they can await resurrection. Christians thus believe that a person will die only once and can enter either in God's Heaven or Satan's Hell.

My theological science is changing the way we think. Burying Christians is no longer necessary. At Matt. 5:18-19, Jesus tells us that man will not return to God until all moral laws pass on and are fulfilled. At Matt. 5:19, Jesus tells us that man begins to develop the moral laws in the 'least' kingdom of heaven and is resurrected continually in the 'great' kingdoms of heaven.

With theological sience, life continues after death. God gave us this continuous life by creating all indivisible things first. (Some of these indivisible things are our souls.) Then, God connects all of these indivisible things and creates all divisible things such as humans, trees, dogs, planets, and suns.

So, a person can be cremated or interred. Neither burning nor burying can save or destroy the human soul.


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