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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Developing Greater Symbolic Languages

I helped to build the spacecraft that took John Glenn into orbit around planet earth in the early 1960s. To save space in this spacecraft,  I converted the telemetry system from analog to digital. This conversion was important because many digital systems exist today.  Unfortunately, I had been developing diabetes and eventually decided to join the U.S. government in 1971 to help it solve the U.S. crime problem.

Soon after I joined the U.S. government, I represented the Department of Justice at the White House to learn the new social programs of President Nixon. WOW! There, I heard about the four day work week; the increased production of proteins for all citizens; the building of an underground system for water, electricity, trucking, etc. But Nixon was forced out of office and these great social programs were lost. At Justice, I developed many new things for police.  But before I retired in 1994, I discovered the cause of crime.

I say that all crime originates in our minds. I discovered that all criminal minds are caused by poor symbolic languages. Our minds begin to develop as a baby.  As we age, our minds becomes greater and greater. However, our mind will not develop to the greatest level because the greatest mind is found only in God where it is known by us as 'wisdom.'  But our minds can become greater because our mind is greater than the mind of all lower animals. Our mind is greater than the minds of the lower animals because we can count things and can develop mathematics.  Lower animals are unable to develop our form of mind.

All humans are both Sons of God and Sons of man. So, Jesus Christ cannot be called the only Son of God, as Christians say. As the Son of man, Jesus Christ said that our minds are defiled by our own minds in Ch. 7 of St. Mark.  Thus, to stop the development of criminals, we must change the developments of the minds of all children.

Twelve years after I retired from the U.S. government, I wrote the book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God.' On page 6, I prove that God is the origin of all finite things.  And on pages 160 -165, I show that Jesus Christ knew the origin of crimes over 2000 years ago. Atheists. logicians, materialists, and evolutionists challenged my book. But they had no success. Interestingly, an attorney of Microsoft Corporation contacted me.  He discussed my analog to digital conversion. I told hin that I did not want to share my discoveries with the riches that Bill Gates made with his digital systm.

In June this year, I will be 82 years old.  Today,  I conclude that the symbolic languages of all nations are highly flawed.  Here is the cause of all wars, terrorism, racism, and crime. Since I also conclude that the minds of the Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party members, and Supreme Court justices are flawed badly by the symbolic languages of the fields of theology, religion, and science, I believe that it is time for the U.S. government to correct itself mentally so that 'the People' will change their own minds.


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