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Monday, May 09, 2011

The Never Ending Problems of Theology, Religion, and Science

The fields of theology and religion learned to talk to each other when scriptures appeared. But these fields have never learned to talk to the field of science.  Nor has science learned to talk to the fields of theology and religion. So, in 2000, the unification of theology and science was finally sought by the Templeton Foundation Press, who issued the Science &Theology News. Unfortunately, this newspaper was costly and had to be terminated on July 31, 2006. .

Theology, religion, and science have basic human communication problems.  These communications problems are as follows: (1) theologians do not debate their three basic theologies --- atheism, deism, and theism--- with religions and scientists; (2) religious leaders do not debate their theology with theologians and science because they believe that their scripture is the word of God;  and today's scientists do not debate science with theologians and religious leaders because they do not believe that God exists.

For theologians, I have identified these three basic theologies.  For religious leaders, I have told them many times that scriptures are man-made, not God-made, documents.  And, I have told scientists that all finite things come only from an infinite thing and that God's non-existence cannot be proven by science.  But theologians, religious leaders, and scientists will not act.

This lack of action halts progress in every nation and extends wars, terrorism, and crime.


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