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Friday, May 13, 2011

Parenting in the United States

In the USA, social class, wealth, and income determine the ways children are developed by their parents. (click) But in the Declaration of Independence (DOI), the founders said that 'all Men are created equal.' Since the children of the USA are not developed equally by their parents, it is clear that the U.S. government and the parents of children are not obeying the  'Laws of Nature's God.'  This law is found in in the DOI and is thus a permanent law in the U.S. body of laws.

How can 'the People' of the USA and the U.S. government care for all children unequally? Since all things in the universe are divisible and thus have parts, all of these divisible things had to come from indivisible things, which can  come only from a one infinite thing called God. So, God did create all children equal.

Since God created boys and girls, the human created indivisibles made by God come in two species, male and female. Thus, gay rights are unlawful and do not come from God. Nor can boys create girls.  Men are not walking around with women in their penis.  Evolutionary theory is false and it is tome for people to think about this world. .  


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