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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Alternatives to Capitalism, Wars, Terroism, and Crime

In my blogs. I show that God made an infinite number of indivisibles. Some indivisibles form the souls of all humans. My blogs also show that God's Intelligent Design makes divisibles from the indivisibles. I also show that indivisibles and divisibles never exist in Heaven or Hell. As humans, we always live on least or greater planets, as Jesus Christ taught at Matt. 5:19.

At some time in the future, humans will no longer be able to live on planet earth because planet earth will die and fall into the hot sun where planet earth becomes fuel for the sun.  So, in the future, all people on planet earth must be taken to a new and young planet. Jesus Christ told us about this future in Chapter 24 of Matthew. Unfortunately, we do not know when the people must be moved to another planet.  Recently, NASA found that planets exist. We must now learn how to hunt for new and young planets.

As seen above, capitalism, war, terrorism, and crime are activities that are opposed to the work of God and the necessary and peaceful work of all humans.


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