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Friday, May 20, 2011

Judment Day Is False

If  you look into that sky during the day, you will see a blue sky where clouds do not exist. Then, if you look into the sky in the evening, you will see our moon, starlight, an occasional falling star, and dark stuff.  The dark stuff contains an infinite number of indivisible things that God made. We can't see what is behind the dark stuff because we can't leave our universe of indivisible and divisible things.

When you were created by God, you became one of this infinite number of indivisibles that formed you and other things into  divisible things. Then, when you die, all of the indivisibles that formed you will lose their relationships and become dark stuff where they begin to form new divisible things.  In this system, I do not recognize tomorrow's Judgment Day or a Son of God. But I do recognize that a higher being was necessary to make these indivisible and divisible things.

So, until I die, I will continue to teach people that all scriptures are man-made and cannot guide the life of people.  Instead, I say that we must guide ourselves because God made indivisible humans, who were given godly abilities.


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