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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The End of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the End of Judgment Day

Today, May 22, 2011 came without the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and without the Judgment Day.  In my blogs, I said that these two events would not happen because Christian creeds are false.  Isn't it time for Christian leaders and U.S. political and economic leaders to teach truths to Christians and U.S. citizens so all of them can develop the natural life that God gave them?

So, in the USA, the only important events that occurred yesterday was that more U.S. citizens were born and more U.S. citizens passed on. Today, we know what will occur to the new babies for the rest of their lives.  But we don't know what will happen to the citizens who passed on yesterday and what will happen to the new babies when they also pass on. Thus, in the USA, it is time for all religious leaders and U.S. political and economic leaders to determine what happens to all U.S. citizens when they pass on. Leaders in other nations must also make these determinations.

My research says that a person does not die when he or she passes on.  When a person passes on, I say that the soul becomes part of the dark stuff of the universe. There, a new body is received for the soul from God.  Since God knows the exact development of all souls, a person will be reborn on a new planet or on the same planet, where the soul died. So, if a person is reborn on planet earth, he or she will be reborn in any nation in which people live today. So a person who died in the USA could be reborn in Africa.

Obviously, on planet earth, it is time to develop the equality of man and world peace.


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