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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Development of Words By Scintists Are Ungodly

The development of words by physical scientists are the best that have been developed by the field of science. Physical words are developed when laws of nature are found. Only six physical qualities --- electric charge, temperature, mass. length, time duration, and angle --- reveal hundreds of physical laws.(click)

In the field of science, words are also developed by human scientists.(click) But I do not believe that these developments will ever be useful because God is not being considered by many human scientists. When God is considered by a human scientist, only the inactive God is considered.  Unfortunately, when the inactive God is applied to the human sciences, all human beings become mechanisms. As mechanisms, humans lose the freedom that God gave them.

An example of the human sciences under God is 'The Reason Project.' This project was founded by Sam Harris, a Jew. (click) This project is developing knowledge of the brain. In this project, the human mind is assumed to be epiphenomena of the brain. So, my indivisible/divisible system is rejected. But this project gives a human being only one life. With only one life, the concepts of war, terrorism, and crime become real. This project is also developing human rights based on secular values.

As seen, many words in the field of science represent falsities.


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