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Friday, May 27, 2011

Going From Finite To Infinity?

Etymology is the study of the history of words. (click) Although words have developed by man for over four million years, the meanings of words can never become perfect because a word must be defined by other words.This is wha a scripture or a book of science about the universe can never be completed. 

When Plato and Aristotle studied words, they learned how our minds define words. Aristotle learned that mind can form logically related words that define ideas.  But Plato learned that mind can rise above logically related words in order to develop reasoned words that define higher and higher ideas. In his Sophist at 257b, Plato separates himself from Aristotle saying, "When we speak of ‘that which is not,’ it seems that we do not mean something contrary to what exists but only something that is different."

Today, the minds of atheists and materialists can develop logical related words but cannot develop reasoning words. For instance, their minds can develop finite things but their minds cannot develop a reasoned infinite thing.  My mind reasons and says that all finite things come from an unknown thing, which has an infinite number of attributes that cannot be exhausted. My mind reasons that 'all finite things cannot come form a Big Bang thing.' My mind says that a Big Bang thing is finite and forms a logical contradiction.

To go from finite to infinite is not possible.  In his book on  'Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences,'  Galileo says that there is no infinite circle; no infinite sphere; no infinite body; and no infinite surface. Beyond all finite things is only an unknown thing .  Science is unable to prove or disprove this unknown thing. As seen,  logic will not compare or measure finite and infinite.


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