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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A New Economy For All Nations.

Other fields of thoughts, beyond the fields of science and religions, do not understand the subjects of life after death and spiritualism.  In this blog, I will show that the fields of politics and economics also do not understand these two subjects.

For example, the founding documents of the USA are very clear about God and the equality of man.  However, the politicians of today in the U.S. Congress do not consider God and the equality of wealth, land, property, health, etc. when they make laws.  The ugly law-making activity of the U.S. Congress changed years long ago, soon after our founding fathers started the USA as a political experiment in 1776.  Today, the U.S. Congress is an ungodly branch of the U.S. government.

Today's U.S. economists accept the law-making  activities of the U.S. Congress because the U.S. economy is governed primarily by economists. Most U.S. economists are scholars of the big universities where the 'British System of Economics' (by Adam Smith) is taught.(click)  With this British teaching, the USA became a trading nation.  With trade, any economist can take control the USA, control the U.S. money system, and eventually become rich.  The Republicans and Democrats, with their economists, do not accept an alternative economy. The alternative economy is known as the 'American System of Economics.'  (click)

To me, it is time to turn the USA and all other nations into the alternative economy above.


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