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Thursday, June 02, 2011

A New Economy for All Nations by Henry Carey.

The British System of Economics, which was produced by Adam Smith, is limited to the consideration of material wealth alone. Thus, buying and selling things is the aim of life and excludes mind, morals, skill, and taste. This material wealth led to the school of thought where we learn that  'survival of the fittest' will eliminate all people who are less fitted so that civilization can be promoted.

The alternative to the British System of Economic is the American System of Economics.(click) The American System was presented to the U.S. Congress the first time by Henry Clay in 1831. (click)   But a very technical discussion of the American System of Economics was produced by Henry Carey in 1872, who had been an advisor to Abe Lincoln.

The technical discussion by Carey was dedicated to EUGENE DÜHRING, a successor of a German economist, FREDERIC LIST.  In the 1800's, List helped Pennsylvania coal miners to warm the homes of all Americans. (click)  Lots of coal went through Pine Grove, PA, where I was born.

Because of the distribution of coal in the USA, in the 1800s, the people developed national interests. So, the book by Carey on "The Unity of Law"(click) became popular because it considers four different laws --- physical, social, mental, and moral. The  British System of Economy eliminates the social, mental, and moral laws by assuming that humans are mechanical things.

I say that humans are not mechanical things.  So, I say that the book by Carey must be considered by Americans and the people of all other nations. I believe that Carey's book will overcome the debt problems that all nations have today.


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