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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The School of Physics

Special relativity was proposed in 1905 by Albert Einstein.(click)  However, Gottfried Leibniz argued against Isaac Newton's 'absolute space' in 1715 in his Third Paper to Samuel Clarke, who was Newton's disciple. Thus, Einstein was not the origin of relative space.

In 1927, in his book on 'The Analysis of Matter,' p.21, Bertrand Russell says that Riemann was the immediate predecessor of  Einstein, half a century earlier. In Riemann's paper, 'On The Hypotheses Which Lie At The Foundations of Geometry,'  Russell says that Riemann considered that geometry ought to start from the infinitesimal, and depend upon integration for statements about finite lengths, areas, or volumes. These words by Russell are also found on p. 425 in David E. Smith's book, 'A Source Book In Mathematics.'

The above facts indicate that the school of physics is not displaying its own history honestly. Instead of displaying the real facts above, the school of physics seems to hide the work of Leibniz on relative space so that Leibniz's rational thinking (sufficient reason) is eliminated and is replaced by the empiricism of Francis Bacon's and Aristotle's tabula rasa.

What has the school of physics done? My conclusion is that this school elevated the work of Einstein and accepted the inactive God of the Jews, which is deism. Then, this school lowered the work of Leibniz and Riemann and rejected the active Christian God, which is panentheism. By using Aristotle's  tabula rasa, this school turns humans into slaves.  Finally, this school transforms the universe from a problem of geometry into a problem of mathematics.

Congress must act against this school.


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