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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Masthematical Physicists Must Change

Today's mathematical physicists are not interested in the early 18th century debates between Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz (See Book) and John Locke and Gottfried Leibniz (See Book). Newton feared Leibniz and used his disciple, Samuel Clarke and Locke died. But these physicists must increase their interests in the work of Leibniz.

During Leibniz's time, Newton was selling Euclid's geometry and a billiard-ball theory of the universe. And Locke was selling physical atoms and the human mind as a tabula rasa.(click)  Essentially, Newton and Locke sold Aristotle's logic to England.

But England did not sell Aristotle to the founders of the USA. Through Ben Franklin, Leibniz's Plato and reason would develop in the USA, until Abe Lincoln was assassinated. With the beginning of a free market world economy and the rejection of God by mathematical physicists and atheists, the USA has started to degenerate economically and morally

This degeneration is a reality. Recently, China has divested 97 percent of its holdings in U.S. treasury bills.(click) This friendship should not have happened because Leibniz made a very important report.  He found that the Chinese have the same God that the U.S. founders presented in the founding in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. (click)

So, it is time to correct the mathematical physicists who live in the USA.  It is also time for U.S. citizens to reject atheism in the USA.


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