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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Colleges and Universities Must Unify Theology and All Sciences

A few years ago, I emailed President Brodie of Johns Hopkins University (JHU).  At JHU, I graduated from the Whiting School of Electrical Engineering. My interest was about the use of the word 'nonsectarian' because JHU is advertised as a 'nonsectarian university.' This advertisement means that God is not taught at JHU.

Then, I opened the discussion of the words 'theory' and 'practice' and their relation.  I said that these two words are used by medical doctors. Some doctors develop new medical theories whereas other doctors practice medical theories. I was told that theology, which means the study of God, is not taught at JHU because JHU is a nonsectarian university.

I pointed out to President Brodie that 'nonsctarian colleges and universiies' can study theories of God without interfering religions because the study of theories about God does not mean that a religion is being practiced. The President recognized my point.

At this time, colleges and universities do not offer theological classes for scientists. Thus, science and theology cannot be unified because reseach on the theory of God is thought to be research on religion. Congress must fix this ignorant thought by separating the theory of God from the practice of God. If Congress acts properly, thee word 'theology' will mean the study of different theologies and the word  'religion'  will mean the practice of a specific theology.


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