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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Age of Reason

In the early days of 18th century of Europe, the 'Enlightenment' began.  It became known as the Age of Reason. (click) Some of its intellectuals were Baruch Spinoza, John Locke,  and Isaac Newton. Opponents rejected this age because it  restricted  nature and limited human thoughts. (click)  In the 21st century, The Project Reason was formed by Sam Harris, et al.(click) This project is aligned to the inactive God of the Jews and Muslims. It views mind as epiphenomena of the brain and develops mental values based on secular facts.

I say that the Enlightenment,the Project Reason, and deism of the Jews and Muslims will fail. It will fail because God is active nd forms a single world consisting of God and His creatures. Thus, the Age of Reason can only identify the 'laws of God.'  It can never identify the 'laws of Nature' or a fully axiomatic structure for the physical sciences.

As Plato said, one can only find higher and higher ideas in this single world.  Like this world's Spirits, dimensional invariance of physical laws (or equations) will function only for these Spirits.


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