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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The 'Son of God' Must Be Rejected

In yesterday's blog, I said that Jews and Christians believe that our world requires a Son of God. To  Jews, Messiah is the Son of God.  And to Christians, Christ is the Son of God.  To the Muslims and me, the Son of God does not exist.

The Son of God is a requirement because Jews and Christians believe that the universe is logical and had a 'beginning' and has an 'end.'  These Jews and Christians have this belief because they believe that God is inactive and that the universe is closed and will end due to a heat death. So, these believers say that they can be saved only by the Son of God.

However, this proposal cannot save any people. The Son of God cannot save people because God is infinite and all people are finite. To bring any finite thing into God's infinite world is thus not possible. Today, more and more believers are rejecting the idea of a Son of God.

The rejection of the Son of God has developed by people who believe that God and the Universe is a single world that is open. Such a world means that God is an active infinite thing, which is functionally related to all finite things in the universe. Thus, when people passes on, the relations of God save and reborn them with a new body.  Since God is eternal, the universe always was and has no end.

I suggest that people look at this new proposal because it will restructure the human mind and will change every nation.


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