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Friday, June 17, 2011

Are the Teachings of Western World Religions Wrong?

The major Western world religions are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  Judaism teaches the Old Testament.  Christianity teaches the New Testament and Old Testament. And, Islam teaches the Qur'an, which was written and aligned to the Old Testament by Muhammad's brother.

Names have been given to God by the early Jews as follows: El, Elyon, Elohim, El Haddai, Jehovah, Yahweh, and YHWH. Christians call God 'Father' and 'The Word' whereas Islam calls God 'Allah.'  Since God does not appear in our world, some religions teach that a Messiah (Jews) and a Christ (Christianity) will be delivered to our world. I conclude that these teachings of Judaism and Christianity are wrong.

I conclude that God gave all humans the mental potentials to create all things that they will ever need. The delivery of  a special human to our world is inconsistent with God's Intelligent Design and the concept of life after death. If a special human is necessary in our world, the human mind is not conscious and can't develop.

This blog says that the Jews and Christians believe in a Son of God. Islam and I do not belive in a Son of God.(click)



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