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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why Human Minds Must Grow

If you have begun to lift up your mind, as I suggested in yesterday's blog, you are beginning to learn that your mind was one of an infinite number of mindful things, which God had to make and unfold in order to create a universe.  Since all of these mindful things are indivisible, they are similar to and are images of the indivisibility of God.  Thus, an infinite and eternal God makes all of these mindful things immortal.

The human mind is very important because it is the only mindful thing that can measure all finite things that exist in the universe. Other minds exist in animals, trees, stones, etc. (Here, I am expanding the meanings of the words mind and soul.)  But these other minds have different purposes in the universe and are not scientific. So, only humans and other living things are able to perceive.  But nonliving things cannot perceive.

In order to give freedom and life, a perfect God can only create a best of all worlds. Such a perfect creator God is thus active.   So, when God creates divisible things, an infinite number of indivisible things are put to work by God forever.   (On Mind, see 'De Mente' a book by Nicholas of Cusa) 

I conclude that an active God is a helper.  As  a helper, I believe that God has limited our lives so that we can 'live after death' and rebuild our mental activities and purpose.


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