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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Why Evolutionary Theory Must Be Rejected

In 1859, Charles Darwin's evolutionary theory came to the USA. It supported slavery and tried to stop the thoughts of Abe Lincoln, who was against slavery. Fortunately, Lincoln's Civil War stopped slavery in the USA.

However, slavery in the USA has not stopped.  For example, rich classes have developed and are causing new forms of slavery.  And many new American scientists have lost their belief in God, which causes other forms of slavery. These new, e scientists say that mind-body relationships form mechanical humans, who have only one life. These scientists and religions say that the  universe will come to an end --- a heat death. These scientists and religions accept evolutionary theory. However, these scientists have never proven human are made  from physical matter.

These scientists have studied Galileo but have not applied Galileo's work on the extension of bodies with an infinite number of parts.  Thus, they remain ignorant of God's indivisibles and how they form the universe, which is a continuum of lawful divisibles. This continuum eliminates all bloodlines because it forms all  different humans, all different dogs, all different trees, all different suns, etc. This continuum means that evolutionary theory is false.

An infinity of different indivisibles has made a single universe that is based on God's attributes. These indivisibles are thus contained by God because nothing exists outside of them.  So, prior to making any divisibles, all indivisibles, which come from God's attributes, exist as 'dark matter.'

Each indivisible is 'in' each other.  Thus, all indivisibles are organized them and form functional divisibles.  All of the functional divisibles begin as 'seeds of an infinite number of different indivisibles.'  With such seeds, suns, planets, plants, etc. can be formed. Once water systems have formed and plants are growing, a planet will be seeded with an infinite number of different indivisibles that form  animals and humans.


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