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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


In my local newspaper today, an article says 'Obama threatens veto of GOP spending cuts.' So, if the GOP seeks to 'balance the budget of the U.S. government.'   President Obama will veto it because this budget would reduce programs such as social security and medicare.  President Obama's veto would be godly because such a veto would be consistent with the Intelligent Design of an active God.

Unfortunately, the republicans do not seem to understand any laws of the Intelligent Design of an active God.  If they knew these laws, they would never reduce programs such as social security and medicare because nations always go forward and never go backward.  To  move backward is to fall into deep slavery.

To move forward, a nation must develop continuously.  But such developments cannot happen if they depend on a limited supply of money. An active God overcomes all limits by creating an infinite number of Spirits.  These Spirits are 'all humans,' which can become talented in an infinite number of ways. To live after death under an active God, every human is free to become talented in different ways.

So, why does the GOP turn away from God and limit the development of the USA by limiting the national budget of a democracy?


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