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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Today, the People of many nations are trying to become democracies. Current bad news about the democracy of the USA could be helpful to the People of these nations.

Historically, the  People of the USA made the first democracy in 1776.  They started a democracy by creating legal documents. In the first document, the Declaration of Independence, defines the People as a nation under God. This nation was named the United States of America. In other documents, the Government of this nation became known as the 'Second Continental Congress.'  Government was then refined by 'The Articles of Confederation' and the 'Constitution.'  Through these legal documents, John Locke' social contract unified 'the People' and its 'Government' as one system.  

Today, the democracy of the USA has developed a national debt problem.  This problem was caused by the supply-supply economic system and the republican presidents (Reagan, Father Bush, and George Bush). 

To reduce the debt, the Republican Party now says that the budget of  the Government must be reduced. This limit will reduce programs such as social security, medicare, etc.  'Budget reduction' is an ignorant way to perfect a democracy or solve a national debt problem. Only budget increases can solve national debt problems.  One proof that debts can be eliminated is the long 'space program of JFK.' It produced many new sciences and technologies


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