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Friday, July 29, 2011


Yesterday, twenty-four Tea Party representatives of the U.S. Congress rejected the proposal by House Speaker, John Boehner. They rejected an accepted compromise of the Democrats and Republicans because they seek to limit the U.S. government by amending the U.S. Constitution with a balanced budget.

I conclude that all Tea Party members should be removed from Congress because they could change drastically our democracy and the role of the the U.S. government, that is, the role that was defined by the founders in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

A balanced budget amendment would affect the progress and futuristic role of government.  Such a budget will prevent the development of 'true natural human rights' because no Congress has ever developed them after the Lincoln administration. With less progress of the Tea Party, all human rights will likely remain as arbitrary rights and only Bill of Rights will be used.

However, in the Declaration of Independence, our founders say that all human rights come from the 'laws of nature and nature's God.' So, all human rights are natural rights and come only from an active God.  Since natural human rights must be shared with the People's government in order to secure 'the People,' the security of the People will be weakened if an active God and God's Intelligent Design remains unknown to the U.S. government.

Apparently, the people who voted Tea Party members into Congress do not seem to understand an active God and God's Intelligent Design.


  • At 11:28 AM, Blogger cd said…

    The Constitution by the Founders has already been eradicated into pulp. there is not anything to protect. We are already a Fascist State.

  • At 11:41 AM, Anonymous David S. Wilkinson said…

    But George that's the glory of having a representative government. These people were voted in to do what is right for their constituents and they are attempting to abide by the campaign promises they made (imagine that politicians actually standing by their word)
    Politicians can only be removed for aggregious violations and this is not one.
    I don't agree with their last minute scuttling of a compromise that had been worked out but I can't argue with their motives.This country desperately has to get it's financial house in order.

  • At 2:15 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Respond to cd,

    I agree that fascism has come to the USA. I also believe that it came through the richest class, the Big Families, and their lawyers.

    I believe that fascism came when U.S. lawyers convinced the Supreme Court that the Declartion of Independence had only one authority --- the authority to go to war against England.

    I disagree with the lawyers because the first two paragraphs of the DECLARATION OF iNDEPENDENCE (DOI) represent the Society of John Locke's social contract. Locke's Society was named "The United States of America."

    Locke's social contract must have two parties, the Society and Government. The DoI authorizes the Society and the Constitution authorizes the Government.

    Alone the Constitution is not a social contract.

    Help me --- I told Senator John Rockefeller about the social contract. But he is quiet.


  • At 2:22 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Response to David S. Wilkinson,

    I don't want to get rid of a representative government. I only want to tell voters to beware because some representatives are 'bandits' and want to destroy all democracies.



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