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Thursday, August 04, 2011

My Bright Light Experience

On ABC-TV last evening, another  person spoke of having an experience with a bright light while sleeping.  Many people say that the experience with a very bright light is a return from the death.

I had the experience with such a bright light recently when I was sleeping.  I was dreaming.  When I started to think,, I was organizing a very large system of things with my computer..  Finally, this large organization occurred.  When this occurred, my thoughts moved faster and faster to the left where a very bright light appeared.  Then, I woke.

I do not believe that such a bright light is a light of God.  The lights we experience emerge only from moving things such as dreams, photons, suns, flashlights, bulbs, candles, bombs, matches, etc.  God does not exist among moving things because they are finite and can be numbered. God is infinite and cannot be numbered.


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