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Monday, August 01, 2011

NEWS X, Unless an Activ God is Accepted, a Nation Cannot Build a Democracy

In the discussions about the national debt of the USA, an active God has never been considered in the USA by Congress, the Supreme Court, the President and any political party.  So, I conclude that the USA will never become a democracy because an active God has defined the one and only democracy in His Intelligent Design.

The development of a 14 trillion national debt in the USA shows us the following facts: (1) that ideas can only produce the democracy that God defined and (2) that money can only fill the revenues of banks.

Acording to yeatrday's agreements, over the next 10 years, the 14 trillion dollar debt of the USA today will be reduced to 13 trillion dollars.  In that decade, the progress of the people of the USA will degenerate intellectually because 'development' of the U.S. democray must stop.

Thus, I also see the fall of the USA because U.S. lawyers have agreed that the Declaration of Independence (DOI) is only a document that authorized  the Revolutionary War against England.  Because of this agreement, the DOI did not authorize the Lockean social contract between 'the People of the USA' and the U.S. Government.

What causes national debts and what weakens a democracy?  I say that democracies fall when the People of a nation becomes ungodly and unbalance developments and tradings.  Too many developments require too many ideas whereas too much trading require too much money.  To balance a democracy, two different functional systems are needed.  One is for developing a nation and the other is for trading with other nations. For this reason, I do not believe that free world trade will work without wars.

Tomorrow, the DOI must be reinterpreted and development and trading must be balanced.


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