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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Seeing and Knowing God Clearer

Yesterday, I said that Jesus Christ and St. Paul taught us how to see and know God with words. Since Jesus and St. Paul did not teach us how to make the words that can see and know God, I will show you how these godly words are made.

Godly words cannot be made by rapping, by applying science, by singing, etc. Godly words can be made only by a developing mind that can connect attributes of an infinite God to all finite things. Since God's attributes are infinite in number, all godly words cannot be completed because God and the universe has no end. So, all people must always develop a very comfortable life and a very comfortable death.

In this life, I will develop twelve godly words.  These twelve words will form six dialectical phrases that unify God and the universe and allows me to see and understand God.  For instance, I take the two godly words, 'infinite' and 'finite,' and unify them by using the joining words, 'both/and,' to form the dialectical phrase --- 'both infinite and finite.'

To see and know God better, I connect God and the universe with ten other dialectical phrases as follows:
  • both one and all things;
  • both equality and inequality;
  • both union and relative;
  • both indivisible and divisible;
  • both independence and dependence.
When a person sees and knows God clearer, happiness and love for others by this person grows greatly.,ALL_TIME


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