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Sunday, August 21, 2011

On Cancer, the Burzynski Research Insitute, and Jesus Christ

To become healthy and prevent cancer, one must become whole. When he appeared and taught, Jesus Christ helped people to become whole, for example,  in John, Ch. 5. To become whole, Jesus says that one must correct both the mind and the body.

The mind is corrcted by accepting and understanding an active God, which I am teaching.  And the body is corrected by eating the bread of God, which is called 'true bread from heaven' at John 6:32.  I believe that the antineoplastons of Dr.  Burzynski is one of many true breads of God.

So, to prevent cancer, we must learn more about the different breads of God that form the body parts of humans. To find these breads, we must increase our understanding of an active God.  This means that the people of all nations must turn their minds to God.

Note: In John 6:31& 32, the Jews did not know something that Jesus knew --- that manna is a finite food that comes from a one,infinite, and active God.



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