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Saturday, August 20, 2011

More On Cancer and the Burzynski Research Insitute

My research of an active God says that this God creates an infinite number of different and immortal 'indivisible' things.  With these indivisibles, this God can create an infinite number of different and mortal 'divisible' things, which relates all indivisibles.

So, each indivisible thing is 'in' all other indivisible things.  And each divisible thing is 'in' all other divisible things. Jesus recognized the togetherness of all created things and taught this oneness of all things at John 14:20.

Since the divisible things are mortal, cells in our body die naturally. When cells die, new cells will  appear.  Dr. Burzynski says that when old cells die and new cells appear, a person is said to be healthy.  Thus, cancer cells will appear when older cells do not die and continue to divide.  This is when a person has become a cancer patient.

Dr. Burzynski says that cancer appears when the system of older cells is not working properly.  He says that this system is not working right because the patient's blood lacks the normal level of antineoplastons. The Burzynski Clinic extracts antineoplastons from urine, which is a healthy divisible thing in our body. Thus, urine also has an infinite number of parts that was made by God.

I don't understand why the federal government and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continue the development and testing of man-made drugs for patients. It seems that the federal government and FDA must recognize that the USA has a God, who makes very complex things.


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