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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The New Testament is Becoming a Scripture of Lies

My research on the New Testament was stopped recently at the Gospel According to St. Luke because I needed to conduct more research on an active God on this Google blogspot.  I expect to return soon to my research on the New Testament at my Google knol.(click)

This week my continuing research on an active God forced me to read some parts of the Gospel According to St. John, John's three epistles, and his Revelation.  Last evening, I stopped reading when I read John's Gospel up to Ch. 8, read all three epistles, and read up only to Ch. 1, verse 8 of Revelation because I concluded that this verse is flawed.

I conclude that the writings of St. John and the writings of Matthew, Mark, and Luke are as different as night and day.  John's writings are highly flawed because he uses too much logic of  Aristotle. With logic, John' troublesome mind requires two opposing Fathers (God and the Devil) and two opposing Sons (Jesus and an Antichrist).  To St. John, Jesus has said that human life is logical, either right or wrong. Jesus never thought this way. St. John's gospels are very bad.

The other three Gospels express the teachings of Jesus differently because they use variables, such as the least and great kingdoms of heaven. God can see all of these different heavens only after a cosmologicalworld has been made byGod.  Then God can sense everything through the perceiving abilities of all Spirits.

In their writings, Matthew, Mark, and Luke speak of Jesus as the only Son of God.  But Jesus never says that he is the only Son of God when asked this question by the Jews.  John says that Jesus is the only Son of God.  My research on an active God says that an active God is infinite and can create finite things if God contracts them. Once contracted, a finite thing cannot become infinite unless God destroys the creation. This destruction cannot occur because an active God can only create an eternal world.  So, a created human being can never become infinite. The ancient statement 'that Jesus is the only Son of God' is thus wrong.



  • At 12:07 PM, Anonymous David S. Wilkinson said…

    There you go again George trying to make things fit into your beliefs. If Jesus was not the Son of God why didn't he correct Peter when Peter said that Jesus was the Son of God and Jesus said Peter would be the rock on which he would build his church. Peter got it but apparently you never will. What do you think the crucifiction was, the ending of Jesus's Earthly life so he could return to his heavenly being, there's your destruction.
    Oh George it's painful to see how close you are to finding understanding but you keep getting in your own way.

  • At 1:44 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Response to David A. Wilkinson,

    My scientific proof of God has been accepted only by one reviewer of my book, Dr. Stephen Smith. But, my proof is moving forward because it was accepted by the Scientific God Institute.

    My proof has been tough to develop. But it has not been proven to be false. Thus, I will stay with my proof until someone proves that I am wrong.

    There cannot be a Son of God if I am right because all finite things must be created by God and only one God can exist.

    Georg Cantor built the transfinite numbers. The implication of these numbers is that they indicate that an infinite thing does exist. He received the same message that you are giving me.

    The writings of St.John must go. To say that some children are already wrong and are on the way to Hell is a mental problem of humans.

    Don't let the field of religion become an absolute.



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