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Monday, September 05, 2011

On Things: Why Scientists Are Wrong.

To study beings, one must enter the field of ontology.(click)  In my work, a being has been named a thing because people are familiar with things and are unfamiliar with the word 'beings.'  (click)

A thing is something that is made either by man or animals because something can't be made itelf.  However, when a thing is made, the thing has a cause. This cause can be man and an animal.  However, all things are made by an infinite God because man, aninals, and nonliving things can't be make themselves.

Today's scientists do not obey the above truths of the field of ontology.  For instance, they say that all things in the universe have a cause and say that a big bang thing caused all things in the universe. But they do not say that this cause in an infinite thing.

So I challenge these scientists on the origin of all things.  I say that only an infinite thing can make man and animals. These scientists can't challenge my saying because the big bang is a finite thing, which cannot make itself. If the big bang is changed to an infinite thing, I will challenge this change immediately.

The truth is the an infinite God exists. I proved God's existence in 'The First Scientific Proof of God.'  It is time to remove  atheism from the world.

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