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Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Acts of An Active God Are Unbelievable

Although the human mind can know things that have parts, mind is unable to know a thing that has no parts. So, when we look into the evening sky and see many different stars, we conclude quickly that we are in a big thing that has many parts. We call this big thing 'Universe.'

Atheists say that the Universe came from a Big Bang thing.  But they are unable to prove this Big Bang. On the other hand, theists say the Universe came from God. I prove scientifically that the Universe came from an infinite thing. Since this  infinite thing is uncountable, it must be one and has no parts. So, the stars in the evening sky must have come from God.

Now, when Jesus says at John 14:20 that  '... I am in my Father and ye in me, and I in you,' Jesus does not mean that the Father, Jesus, and all other people are 'in' each other.  In this verse, Jesus means that God and all people are 'functionally related.'  Unfortunately, the incorrect use of the word 'in' has impeded greatly the development of life on this planet. Reading Ch. 14 of St. John will be very helpful on this teaching of Jesus.

Today, we can say that God and all living things and nonliving things are 'functionlly related.' Today, an active God also allows us to say that 'life exists after death.'

Obviously, the creation of the Universe is an unbelievable act of God.  Unfortunately, this unbelievable Universe has been upset by greedy atheists, kings, queens, and dictators. So, all  democracies must come.

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