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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Intelligent Design

All acts of God are found in the Intelligent Design (ID) of God. However, the ID has been defined many different ways.(click)  In this blog, I discuss a new ID because I have accepted the active God of Anaxagoras, which Jesus studied in Greece and taught an active God to many Jews. I have discussed briefly the active God of Anaxagoras and Jesus in my 9/2/11 blog.

However,  God and God's ID are not accepted by scientists and evolutionists, even though they have never proven their billiard ball universe (click) or proven their big bang theory. (click)
These scientists also reject God even though I have proven scientifically that God exists. The power of these scientists is too high. This power must be weakened because the new children of an active God are learning atheism and false sciences in the schools of the USA.(click)

Let me show how the God of Anaxagoras and Jesus works. The first act of an active God is to create all indivisible things.  Among these indivisible things are all of God's children.  All of the indivisible things are mortal and form all dark matter. These indivisible things cannot be sensed by us.  This is why many philosophers have said that all Spirits can stand on the point of a pin.

Then, God will act on all indivisibles to make them lawful and give them functional relations, which form all different divisible things of the universe.  These lawful divisible things will have a least action principle so they can move freely.

Human spirits leave the dark matter when planets have formed and can support spiritual life. Spiritual life can continue on the same planet for billions of years. Hiwever, we have no knowledge of our past lives.  When we are born, we also do not know where we lived before.  Thus, after death a person might be reborn on the same planet but in a different nation.  This has happened often.  So, all nations and all people must be godly and equal.  It is wrong to allow a godly person to die and be reborn in an ungodly nation.

When the active God was revealed to me by Anaxagoras, Jesus, and Nicholas of Cusa, I immediately saw the ugly world in which all people now live. So, big changes must happen.

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